“The World’s Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie
… I guarantee it!” – Mr. Nelson

  • I ordered cookies from him [Mr. Nelson’s] for my dad's birthday and I couldn't have been more pleased and impressed with the whole experience. And my dad LOVED the cookies!!! Highly recommend Mr. Nelson's Cookies!!
    Heather H – Chandler, AZ
  • Can a single chocolate chip cookie really be worth $5? Mr. Nelson’s are. Each one weighs a quarter-pound. They are dense and chewy, heady and delicious, and are richly satisfying.
    Mark Spivak, Award Winning Writer & Nationally Recognized Food And Wine CriticPalm Beach, FL
  • Mr. Nelson... I'm always been addicted to your cookies, but seriously the gluten free one is insane!
    Taryn V.
  • I must say, Mr. Nelson, you have performed “Culinary Alchemy” with your gluten-free cookie – remarkable!
    Alistair M.Manhattan, NY
  • I’m sitting here drinking my Opus One and eating a Mr. Nelson’s cookie and I can’t decide which one I want to finish last, unbelievable!
  • I couldn’t take my eyes off the packaging; until I bit into the cookie…..truly amazing
    Judy CKansas City, MO

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About Him

Mr. Nelsons Cookies outside front doorMr. Nelson is one of the few formally-trained chefs (and artisan baker) who consider chocolate chip cookies as one of the four major food groups! And, as such, he has created over the last couple of decades (yes, decades) what many people believe is a chocolate chip cookie of extraordinary taste and texture.

Mr. Nelson is a “one-man-show” as he personally makes, bakes, wraps and packages only 24 dozen perfect chocolate chip cookies a day, four days a week. Oh, and given he only makes one type of cookie, Chocolate Chip, (and nothing else!) you could also say he is a “one-trick-pony”; however, please know, it is a very “tasty” trick!

The cookies are made in a small, custom bakery on the edge of the Tonto National Forest at the base of the beautiful Superstition Mountains in Gold Canyon, Arizona.

Mr. Nelson’s Cookies® can be purchased on-line in quantities of 6 or 12. The cookies are shipped via USPS the day they are made and packaged in a box that you would be very proud to give (or receive) as a gift.

Simply put, Mr. Nelson’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are, “What Perfection Tastes Like!”

Thank-you for your interest in Mr. Nelson’s Cookies®.

Mr. Nelson Experience
“What Perfection Tastes Like”

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